The Spirit of Gaia
~ Moving through the Music of Desert Wind ~

 Gaia is a name for the ancient earth goddess.
"Goddess" Spirituality is the oldest known spirituality
on the planet. It was a global experience regardless of the
geographical barriers between peoples.

Though today many people link "Goddess" with women,
"Goddess" spirituality throughout the centuries has also been experienced
by millions of men. During the great stone age, men throughout the world
recognized the spiritual powers of the Goddess, including powers of creation,
healing and renewal. Since all comes from the Goddess,
all men and women are equally connected to her.

Many women have already rediscovered Goddess-centered spirituality,
and it's importance for returning balance to modern civilization.
However, modern men, like ancient men, have much to gain in the discovery
of the ancient mother. The world has everything to gain.

All spirit passes through the laws of the universe and into form.
The same holds true for our beliefs and thoughts. How we view divinity
eventually results in the characteristics of our world. Our world today reflects
many of the beliefs and thoughts about divinity of generations past,
as well as that of the current generation.

The recognition and realization of the spirituality of the planet itself
and Gaia, the earth Goddess, in our consciousness,
results in our respect, honor and care of our planet.

All matter is part of the mother. In fact the term "matter" means "mother".
When this is understood, matter is treated in a manner
which is in balance and harmony with all.
In other words, nothing can be taken from the divine mother without an effect
upon the balance. When we consider the divinity of the planet itself,
we care for it's people, air, water, ground, plants and animals.

A recognition of the spiritual essence of all is a great key
to the transformation of the planet into a place for great living.
Spirituality and technology will meet in harmony.

The rediscovery of Goddess is an ongoing process.
For modern society, this rediscovery is still in a very early stage.
Many future revelations and discoveries will occur as we explore
anthropological and archeological data,
and also as we open ourselves up to direct personal experience.

It is my personal wish that this music will help you
in your own exploration of the Goddess.
Blessed Be- Alan Bachman - Desert Wind.

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