Remember . . . .

"The Original"
Return to the Goddess
by Desert Wind

Alan Scott Bachman    Mary Williams    Rajab Juma
Collage A' Trois

This recording had never been released on CD until the Fall of 2004, yet it had been ordered
"by the hundreds" by dance instructors and their students as a cassette since
originally released in the 1980's. Alan happened to "find" the original DAT
tape, and as cassettes have been essentially replaced by CDs, well, Alan decided
to release this CD for Desert Wind fans who just won't let go of the request for this music.

Alan had to actually borrow a copy of the original cassette from Thia in order to
list the songs as they were originally known.

NOT FOR COMMERCIAL RELEASE, this CD is now available through the Desert Wind
Website for die hard Desert Wind fans. Just like that "original" cassette, this is a "home brew" copy
with no fancy liner notes or cover. ~Just the un-remixed, unedited music for the fans.

The following review is from the 2nd Quarter, 2005 issue of The Belly Dancer Magazine :

"When Alan Bachman handed me this re-released CD in October and said, "it is the original - the 80's version that was on cassette - but now on a CD" - well, I could have kissed him. Instead, I was jumping up and down, I am sure, making a spectacle of myself. For those of you who have been in the business "awhile" you will remember the cassette version of Return to the Goddess, with Desert Wind's original "MISERLOU" - it came out in the late 80's. Apparently I am not the only dancer out there who LOVED, really LOVED that version of the song. They had so many requests for that original version that Alan decided he would go back in, and set it to CD.

So far, everyone that I have told about this CD has "grinned or giggled" and said they were heading for the web site: (

I Am, Return to the Goddess, Beladi Jam, Dona, then a set for the dancer called "Goddess Dance" which includes Habena, a Chiftitelli, and Mastom. The CD is rounded off with Masmoudi, Persia and just about my all time favorite veil piece - the finale "MISERLOU", in it's beautiful, original format. I have worn my cassette version nearly to shreds - so this came just in time.

Alan, I would like to personally than you for giving us back the original - - the memories it brings are fond indeed and now I will create new memories with this favorite. For many of us dancers, who listened to this piece early on, it is like coming "Home" again. The sense of serenity and peace is "sublime".

By the way, even the cover photo and artwork are the original design, and the photo of Alan, Mary and Rajab (Raj) is wonderful! "Collage 'A Trois" - - faaaaantastic. And I just love Raj's hair in this one - outstanding <grin>. Proof that things are cyclic - even hair.

Reviewed by :  Zaina Hart for The Belly Dancer Magazine

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